Sustainable 60

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to enter


The Sustainable 60 Awards set the standard for what it means to be truly sustainable. The comprehensive entry process allows you to tell a compelling story of sustainability and have it reviewed, measured and validated.

Entry Process (two sections)

Category Awards

There are five award categories: Strategy and Governance, Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community. You can enter one, many, or all five categories.

Please note: we have updated the entry process for 2013 to reduce the time required for each award entry.

Section 1
Complete the General Questions form. This form is mandatory and will be viewed by the judges in conjunction with your application in one or more of the award categories.

These questions are designed to show how your company approaches sustainable business practice. It will enable the judges to get a wider understanding of how sustainable business practice is viewed, integrated and addressed within your company. Please pay close attention to this section as it is assessed in the judging process.

Section 2
Answer specific Category Questions related to the category(ies) you have chosen to enter - Strategy and Governance, Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community.

You can enter one, many or all categories (up to five categories).

Overall Awards - who is eligible?

In order to qualify for an overall award and to be eligible for ranking, a small business must enter at least ONE of the five categories. As a medium or large business you must enter at least THREE categories.

Overall Small Business Award
Less than 20 employees or contractors

Overall Medium Business Award
21 + 100 employees or contractors

Overall Large Business and Public Sector Award
100+ employees
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